Fire & Safety

In the event of a fire alarm

Evacuate the property via the front door do not go back into the property

Do not collect possessions. 

Phone the fire services on 999.

Wait on the main street for the fire services to arrive 

If you are in the bedrooms at the time of the fire alarm. 

(only use the fire extinguishers to make a safe exit) And as soon as it is safe activate go down the stairs to the front door,

Please note there are two fire extinguishers in the property

(DO NOT LET CHILDREN PAY WITH THEM) if they are damaged or activated you will be charged for the damage.

The Fire extinguishers are powder so they are safe to use on all types of fires:- 

Electric or Gas.

LOCATION of fire Extinguishers

One to the right of the front Door

One at the top of the stair on the landing

The property was inspected by the,

HUMBERSIDE Fire & Rescue Services.